Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ode to a ridiculous dog-Louie

When I got married, I inherited a very happy yellow lab. Although he drives me crazy some times, he is actually a good dog. He is like a little kid and cracks us up all the time. He has the most hilarious sleeping positions.

I woke up to use the bathroom one night to discover Louie totally asleep with his eyes open.
He loves being outside.

Louie also has a love/hate relationship with the vacuum. It may have started when I tried to vacuum loose hair off his back. Whenever I vacuum he stands near me just looking at the vacuum with worried eyes. I was vacuuming downstairs and he come into the room just to watch the vacuum. I honestly think he feels better if he knows where the vacuum is. I am sure it doesn't help when I pretend like I am going to vacuum him again. Don't call PETA on me please.


Chicky said...

I love him.

Marcus Pulsipher said...

How can you not love Louie? Sure he sheds everywhere, jumps on you when you first walk in a room, slobbers all over you after drinking from his water bowl, has a penchant for sticking his head directly into your crotch, tries to lick any bare skin he can find... come to think of it, how could you like Louie? :)