Sunday, February 03, 2008

It's Official. I am a Dork!

Around Christmas I was talking with some friends and I admitted that I had always wanted a Chia Pet. One christmas about 8 years ago I actually went to 3 stores looking for one but they were all sold out. We decided to have a chia pet exchange so that we could all finally get one. I am sure I will put more pictures of my chia pet once it starts to grow.

Starting 2008 off Right

I decided to start the year off right and to make sure that I was having fun. Even though I don't know how to play lacrosse I love watching Denver's indoor team, The Mammoth.

If it seems like we are far away from the action it's because we are. Nosebleed seats for $5.00. You can't beat that.

I finally got to go snowshoeing. This is why I love Denver. You can leave Denver and there is no snow on the ground and then be in the mountains snowshoeing an hour later. But let me just say that I am out of shape.

The National Western Stock Show

Last year I went to the National Western Stock Show and it was a lot of fun. They have all these cows on displayed. It is a little weird because they brush them to make them look really fluffy. I am not really sure why.

You can't go to something like the stock show without having funnel cake. I think it might be a law.

Others wanted a big turkey leg. I have issues with eating meat on the bone so I totally passed.

To make things even better they had corn on the cob. When I went to buy one they gave me two for the prize of one. I like to think it's because of my amazing looks and my sparkling personality but who knows.

We mainly went to the stock show because we wanted to see the rodeo. The bull riding was intense. No rider stayed on for the 8 seconds. This picture sums it up.


When I first moved to Denver I heard that there were places were you could go tubing at the ski resorts and they drag you back up the hill. Since then I have wanted to do this. So on Groundhog's Day I decided to make my dream come through. It was awesome. All the fun of tubing with none of the work. I did feel really lazy getting dragged up the hill but it was so fun.

Tubing really makes you feel like a little kid. I wish I had pictures of everyone's smile as they approached the turn. People had that look of scared excitement.

Christmas Fun!

December was a really long month for me and I was excited to leave everything behind and be with my family for two weeks. Because my oldest sister Kate is pregnant (with our first niece) her family wasn't able to make it for Christmas. Everyone else was able to make it so we had a really full house.

When Kenny and Johanna left to do some Christmas shopping for the boys, we were the babysitters. Drew was a little sad that mommy wasn't around so he asked to sit next to Owen. This is such a cute picture.

We had our traditional fondue Christmas Eve dinner. It is always good but a little dangerous with the oil popping every once in a while.

Christmas morning was all about the boys.

Kenny got some skittles in his shocking and Ian thought they were his. A boy after my own heart.

Here is Owen just looking cute.

It would't be a family gathering without a trip to the dump. Since we moved my Dad's office into our house we had a lot of things to get rid of. Kenny and I were volunteered to drive the truck with bad brakes across town to the dump.

Kenny had fun throwing the old toilets and trying to see if they would brake. We managed the trip without getting in an accident.

Our living room had a huge fort in it for most of the break. The boys loved being chased by the monster (me) and then hiding in the fort.

Owen being cute again.