Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winter Fun

My friend Megan and her husband invited us to go to a Nuggets game with them. Vanilla Ice was playing during the half time since it was 80's night for the Nuggets.

Gabi and I were in charge of Family Home Evening in our singles ward. We decided to make value commercials. Every group was given a value. The honestly and family one was my favorite but there were all so funny.

The 2010 Olympic Curling Trials were held in Denver. We went to them and it was a lot of fun. The yelling "hard" or "push" like pirates kept us cracking up. My new favorite sport.

We had Relief Society Enrichment my committee was in charge of. We had a nice dinner, a lesson by our Bishop's wife, and we decorated mini cakes. It was a lot of fun. Cami and Diana helping in the kitchen.

The cake I decorated.

This is Diana's Chuck Norris giving Jack (from 24) a roundhouse kick to the head. It is a ward joke and Diana and I are on the Chuck Norris side.

There was an Office party for my friend Clay's birthday. These are all the people who dressed up.

Audra and I found his outfit for Gabi. He even has the calculator watch.

I am Pam from the fun run, Mark is Moes, Gabi is Dwight, Audra is from Beach day, and Tina is Stanley.

The boys wanted a Schrute family portrait.

Moes even brought his own beet from his farm.

New York City President's Day weekend

It was time for our annual New York City trip. We decided to take it over President's Weekend. We had a big group including 4 Summers' sisters, the Weaver boys (Bo, Joe, Chevy), Gabi and his sister CeCe and her friend Emily. Gabi found us an apartment to rent so it would be cheaper. We had a lot of fun and are already planning on going back.

We went to FAO Schwarz toy store. Here is my reenactment of the scene in Big. They make you take your shoes off and the key board is really slippery.

Star Wars characters made completely out of Legos.

We also happened to be there over Valentine's Day. We decided to have a little time in the morning to ourselves. He found a great little bakery that had amazing croissants (my favorite food in NYC) and then we went to Washington Square Park (my favorite place in NYC) to eat them.

He used the opportunity to propose. This is not how it was done.

He told me how much he loved me and then just stopped. I asked him if there was something else we wanted to say. He became distracted by the camera case he was carrying. He finally got he ring box out and opened it while he asked if I would marry him. When we opened the ring box it was empty. We both were looking down at the box and I could tell this was a surprise to him too. Then we heard this high pitched "ping." The ring had fallen out. Gabi was on his hands and knees in a flash looking for it. He said "I hope this isn't a sign." The ring had a very small mark on it. He said we would get it buffed out but I told him I didn't want him to. Now there is not pressure on me since it would have happened at some point. It totally fits us. We are getting married June 27th in the Denver Temple.

We celebrated over Shirley Temples at Dinner. It was nice having our sisters and the Weavers there to celebrate with us.

It was pretty cold there so we didn't take a ton of pictures. We eat a lot and shopped. It was a great trip.

I am glad that Gabi shares my love for New York City. I am sure we will have many more fun trips there over the years.