Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Rest of our Summer

Clearly I haven't blogged in forever. So I am going to doing to summarize my last 6 months with pictures. Enjoy

Los Alamos

Grand Junction

My sisters performed a song for Gabi and I about our courtship. It was very funny.

Random Summer Fun

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wedding Day

Our wedding day was great. There was little stress because of my amazing friends and family.  There are so many great pictures but I can't show all of them.  I picked some of my favorites.

Bo and Cami busting a move.
It was a hot day.  This picture brought Gabi and I to tears while we were laughing.  It was a long day.
Cece's (Gabi's sister) and family.  They got the best family portrait award. 

We had a Shirley Temple Bar.  Jeff was our bartender and Diana was 1st assistant.  
The Weaver boys in the Zoot Suits from Harlem. They got them the day we got engaged.
My favorite thing about this picture is that it captures everyone in mid laugh and whatever dance move Gabi is trying to pull off.
The True Summers' sisters 
Jose (Gabi's dad) and Grayson (my new nephew) playing around.
4 of my nephews waiting for us to come out of the temple.
Gabi and I saying hello to Phi-Yen (Gabi's mom) and Jose.
Down time 
Ian had just woken up.
Owen loved the zippy ties and wore several of them all night.

Pre-Wedding Activity

I am seriously behind in my blogging.  I can blame it all on that fact that I got married this summer.  I will just give you the highlights.  

Pre-wedding Activities

A Rockies Game with 30 friends.  They were suppose to put our names on the jumbo-tran but they didn't.  It was a great time anyway.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

We decided to go play laser tag boys vs girls.  We outnumbered the guys 20-10 which I think was our downfall.  There were too many targets for them to shoot.  My code name was Bridezilla and Gabi's was Groom of Doom.

The highlight was when my pregnant sister-in-law physically assaulted Gabi and his brother Javier.  Touching was off limits but we let it slide.  Don't mess with a pregnant lady.

Carol planned a spa get away on Thursday morning for just the girls.  It was amazing.  We had lunch in our robes who could ask for more.  All credit goes to Carol for this idea.

Friday morning we had  breakfast at my favorite breakfast place, Dozens with family and close friends.  That afternoon we had a family BBQ at a park so everyone could get to know each other.  I can't find my pictures of both events. Sorry.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Lost Finale

I love Lost! I watched a little the 1st season but stopped watching after awhile. Last year I started watching with my sister and then I started dating Gabi and he is obsessed. He will read about different theories on the blog (he is a big nerd about it). I have spent much of the last 5 months getting caught up on past seasons. Season 5 (this year) started out with Gabi, Carol, and I watching together and then a couple of more friends joined us. We would rotate who's house it was at and have dinner before. I always looked forward to Lost night. For the Finale we rented Gabi's apartment theater and had a big group of dedicated fans watch it. It was so much fun. We ordered pizza and my friend Meranda made a Lost cake. It looked amazing. What a great episode although there was a big cliff hanger but we expected that. I can't wait until next season.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Coldest Spring Break Ever!-Wisconsin

It is a goal of mine to go to all 50 states by my 31st birthday. I only had 5 left so I thought spring break would be a good time to knock out Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. I talked my friend Jeff into going with me.

Lake Michigan in Michigan

We stayed in Green Bay the first night

Lake Michigan in Wisconsin

We went to Door County in Wisconsin.  They call it the Cape Cod of the Midwest.  Everything was closed when we went but I loved the road.

We went to the Henning Cheese Factory in Wisconsin. We were able to take a tour through the factory.

Jeff by 500 pound blocks of cheese.

Cheese curds

Blueberry cheese blocks

The 12,000 pound cheese block is the biggest they make.  Here is a picture of one they were cutting into smaller sections.

12,000 pounds of cheese 6 feet by 6 feet
The family who owns the cheese factory.  It was started 95 years ago by the grandfather.  The guy between Jeff and I is a master cheese maker and one a gold medal in the world competition for his peppercorn cheese.  

The Maritime Museum in Mantitowac, Wisconsin.

We were able to tour a World War two submarine.  It was pretty cool.  

We went a museum in Appleton, Wisconsin.  It was in an old Masonic Temple. 
There was a "controversial" Houdini exhibit where they told you how he did his tricks.  He was born in Appleton.  

After my honeymoon this June I will only have Alaska left.  I have more then a year to go to Alaska to still accomplish my goal.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Snow Days and Manti Temple Trip

In the history of my life, both as a teacher and a student, I have rarely experienced school snow days. Well the Thursday before spring break we had one. It was amazing. Gabi came over and hung out all day with Carol and I. Then the unthinkable happened, we got a second day snow day on Friday. Since we had spring break the next week that made 11 days off in a row. Truly a miracle.

A group of us decided to take a temple trip to Manti. We rented a van and left for Grand Junction on Friday.

There were two things about the van that we loved.  One was the child mirror that you could watch what was going on in the back seats.  

The other was the side windows that rolled down. We had a lot of fun in the mini van.

We had to take a picture of our matching temple bags. 

It is such a beautiful temple.  

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winter Fun

My friend Megan and her husband invited us to go to a Nuggets game with them. Vanilla Ice was playing during the half time since it was 80's night for the Nuggets.

Gabi and I were in charge of Family Home Evening in our singles ward. We decided to make value commercials. Every group was given a value. The honestly and family one was my favorite but there were all so funny.

The 2010 Olympic Curling Trials were held in Denver. We went to them and it was a lot of fun. The yelling "hard" or "push" like pirates kept us cracking up. My new favorite sport.

We had Relief Society Enrichment my committee was in charge of. We had a nice dinner, a lesson by our Bishop's wife, and we decorated mini cakes. It was a lot of fun. Cami and Diana helping in the kitchen.

The cake I decorated.

This is Diana's Chuck Norris giving Jack (from 24) a roundhouse kick to the head. It is a ward joke and Diana and I are on the Chuck Norris side.

There was an Office party for my friend Clay's birthday. These are all the people who dressed up.

Audra and I found his outfit for Gabi. He even has the calculator watch.

I am Pam from the fun run, Mark is Moes, Gabi is Dwight, Audra is from Beach day, and Tina is Stanley.

The boys wanted a Schrute family portrait.

Moes even brought his own beet from his farm.