Friday, June 05, 2009

Lost Finale

I love Lost! I watched a little the 1st season but stopped watching after awhile. Last year I started watching with my sister and then I started dating Gabi and he is obsessed. He will read about different theories on the blog (he is a big nerd about it). I have spent much of the last 5 months getting caught up on past seasons. Season 5 (this year) started out with Gabi, Carol, and I watching together and then a couple of more friends joined us. We would rotate who's house it was at and have dinner before. I always looked forward to Lost night. For the Finale we rented Gabi's apartment theater and had a big group of dedicated fans watch it. It was so much fun. We ordered pizza and my friend Meranda made a Lost cake. It looked amazing. What a great episode although there was a big cliff hanger but we expected that. I can't wait until next season.

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Chicky said...

I love Lost too! Wednesdays were my favorite day!