Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pre-Wedding Activity

I am seriously behind in my blogging.  I can blame it all on that fact that I got married this summer.  I will just give you the highlights.  

Pre-wedding Activities

A Rockies Game with 30 friends.  They were suppose to put our names on the jumbo-tran but they didn't.  It was a great time anyway.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

We decided to go play laser tag boys vs girls.  We outnumbered the guys 20-10 which I think was our downfall.  There were too many targets for them to shoot.  My code name was Bridezilla and Gabi's was Groom of Doom.

The highlight was when my pregnant sister-in-law physically assaulted Gabi and his brother Javier.  Touching was off limits but we let it slide.  Don't mess with a pregnant lady.

Carol planned a spa get away on Thursday morning for just the girls.  It was amazing.  We had lunch in our robes who could ask for more.  All credit goes to Carol for this idea.

Friday morning we had  breakfast at my favorite breakfast place, Dozens with family and close friends.  That afternoon we had a family BBQ at a park so everyone could get to know each other.  I can't find my pictures of both events. Sorry.


johanna said...

Laser tag was a blast!!!! Thats right, you don't ever mess with me, pregnant or not. I will always take you down!!!

Drew Watts said...

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