Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Great Baseball Tour of 2010

I guess since this blog has become "Cat and Gabi Olivares," its time for me, Gabi Olivares, to start posting, and I intend to start blogging with a bang.

Prepare for the Great Baseball Tour of 2010...

So we were in NYC last February and my buddy Josh started asking how long it would take to get to Cooperstown. That eventually led to a suggestion that we do a stadium tour in the summer, but between finishing my first year of law school and starting my summer internship, I didn't think I would have any time. A few weeks later, I ran into the recruiter for the law firm that I'm working at and she said that I would be starting the day after Memorial Day. That meant I would have a week and a half between finals and work. That's when the wheels started turning...

Now if there are any guys reading, a bit of advice: timing is everything. I may have suggested to Cat that she spend a few weeks in Europe while I play lawyer this summer. Then I may have casually brought up that Josh and I were thinking of doing a baseball road trip. So, she may have been a little more willing to agree to our non-sense. But honestly, that's no worse than the time I took her hopped up on painkillers to Best Buy and came home with a 47" LCD TV. In all seriousness, she's been awesome about this trip and I will probably owe her another trip to NYC this fall to make it even.

But back to baseball... The baseball gods must have known that we were going to take this trip because the schedules lined up almost perfectly: 6 stadiums, 5 games, and Cooperstown. Here's the plan:

Sunday: Boston Red Sox at Philadelphia Phillies
Monday: Off-day in Washington, DC to visit family and friends
Tuesday: Tour Nationals Ballpark in the morning then Oakland A's at Baltimore Orioles
Wednesday: Cooperstown!
Thursday: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets
Friday: Cleveland Indians at New York Yankees
Saturday: Kansas City Royals at Boston Red Sox

It's going to be a whirlwind trip, with lots of train rides and one long car ride to Cooperstown in the middle of the night, but it'll be fun. I'll be posting as we go along, so feel free to follow me and Josh on our latest misadventure.