Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winter Fun

My friend Megan and her husband invited us to go to a Nuggets game with them. Vanilla Ice was playing during the half time since it was 80's night for the Nuggets.

Gabi and I were in charge of Family Home Evening in our singles ward. We decided to make value commercials. Every group was given a value. The honestly and family one was my favorite but there were all so funny.

The 2010 Olympic Curling Trials were held in Denver. We went to them and it was a lot of fun. The yelling "hard" or "push" like pirates kept us cracking up. My new favorite sport.

We had Relief Society Enrichment my committee was in charge of. We had a nice dinner, a lesson by our Bishop's wife, and we decorated mini cakes. It was a lot of fun. Cami and Diana helping in the kitchen.

The cake I decorated.

This is Diana's Chuck Norris giving Jack (from 24) a roundhouse kick to the head. It is a ward joke and Diana and I are on the Chuck Norris side.

There was an Office party for my friend Clay's birthday. These are all the people who dressed up.

Audra and I found his outfit for Gabi. He even has the calculator watch.

I am Pam from the fun run, Mark is Moes, Gabi is Dwight, Audra is from Beach day, and Tina is Stanley.

The boys wanted a Schrute family portrait.

Moes even brought his own beet from his farm.

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johanna said...

Love Gabi's costume!