Sunday, February 03, 2008

It's Official. I am a Dork!

Around Christmas I was talking with some friends and I admitted that I had always wanted a Chia Pet. One christmas about 8 years ago I actually went to 3 stores looking for one but they were all sold out. We decided to have a chia pet exchange so that we could all finally get one. I am sure I will put more pictures of my chia pet once it starts to grow.


Julie said...

That is freakin' awesome!

Lreid07 said...

I love my Shrek Chia.

Garcia's said...

I love this post because we too became owners of a chia this Christmas. Brett has secretly wanted one for a while. His wish finally came true.

Jill Lewis said...

Hey! I'm so glad you updated your blog! I always wanted a chia pet too, but never had one. How fun that you did an exchange!
I love the tubing and Christmas stuff too. I love the clip of you chasing your nephews-how fun. You are such a great person!
Take Care!
Jill Lewis

Anonymous said...

OK, I admit it. I love chia's!! XO Susan

Bre Bell said...

Cat! Hey Girl! How's life? Love your blog. are you still teaching history?