Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Don't Mess with Texas

For President's Weekend Carol, Pauline, Jen and I decided to visit Connie in Austin. We did a lot of shopping, eating, and laughing. The first day we were there Connie told us about eyebrow threading as a replacement to waxing. It is done using some sewing thread. We all wanted to try it. I got Carol's on video. It is so hard to explain so i thought it would be easier to understand by watching it.

Connie took us to get some BBQ at the Salt Lick. It is out in the middle of no where and totally classic. They consider potatoes salad and coleslaw vegetables.

It is BYOB. People bring their own beer in coolers or buckets. We ate a lot of meat and Pauline even got "meat sweats". Believe me, it isn't good.

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Bybees said...

Sweet. Ryan told me about the eyebrow threading and I've wanted to see the video for forever! Nice Piano too. I think you should take up the guitar again too, as long as I didn't scar you for life with my ridicule in your early learning stages.