Saturday, April 03, 2010

Master Chef Gabi

So Gabi is a great cook. His parents told me that when he was little he didn't like most foods. They told him that they were not going to cook two dinners just because he was so picky. He started cooking for himself at an early age and it paid off. On our first date he announced that he was a recovering picky eater and that he didn't like almost every vegetable. I, myself am a picky eater so I didn't think much about it. I soon discovered that he REALLY didn't eat vegetables. By the fall we were talking about marriage and I told him that he would have to eat vegetables in front of our kids. So in the Fall he started stretching his tastebuds and he discovered that he liked vegetables if they were cooked right. His new tolerance of vegetables has really helped his cooking.

We wanted to have our first Thanksgiving in our house this year. Both sets of parents came, my friend Jeff and 2 of my sisters. Gabi planned a 3 day cooking schedule. On the day of Thanksgiving the Dads, Connie and I raked the leaves outside while Gabi and his mom cooked. (we are a progressive family). It was amazing.
Notice the fish spreader. We got that for a wedding present.

Phi Yen (Gabi's mom) made crab cheese won tons because I love them so much.

Spanish style appetizers

A couple more of Gabi's amazing creation:
Breaded veal cutlets with arugula and fennel salad.

And finally, just for the halibut: Olive-oil poached halibut on rice. (Connie caught this while she was in Alaska)

By the way the "just for the halibut" joke was written by Gabi. I swear he likes cooking halibut just so he can make the joke 3 or 4 times while he is cooking.

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