Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fall Fun!

This Fall Gabi and I were really busy. Gabi started Law School at Denver University the same week I went back to school. Our amazing summer had come to an end. When Gabi decided to go to Law School last year we planned for him to attend the night program so he could work during the day. He later was laid off in April but it was too late to transfer to the day program. Gabi and I have completely different schedules. He leaves for school about 5 p.m. and I get home around 5:15. On Monday/Wednesday he gets home around 7:45 and on Tuesday/Thursday he is finished around 9:40. It was been an adjustment for us.

At the end of August we bought our 1st house. We were very excited not to be living in an apartment with Louie. Our move was successful except for the couch. I had inherited a couch from my sisters, from some guy. It is an older couch so we planned on putting it downstairs. Gabi and Brother Becker worked on getting that couch downstairs. 2 hours later and many marks on the wall they had it stuck in the bathroom/hallway downstairs. There was no way it was going to fit into the empty room. They started bringing it back upstairs and it got stuck again. I told them, "if it doesn't fit downstairs I don't want it in the house." They were excited to hear this because that meant they could just break it in half. And so, the couch is no more. I think it helped morale to be able to destroy that couch after wasting 2 hours on it.
What is left of the couch.

We were excited to be able to finally put both cars into the garage. The house is almost completely unpacked. The office is still a disaster but every other room in the house is set up. It took us 5 months to put pictures on the wall but we finally did it.

Bo and Joe came up to Denver for my 30th birthday. We all bought puffy jackets which made Carol mad. Carol has a puffy jacket and has done everything in her power to persuade me to not buy one too because we would look stupid both having one. I have not regretted my decision once.

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