Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cinco De Mayo

In college I would always have a Cinco de Mayo party. Since I have lived in Denver I have only had one but this year my friend Megan and I decided to play sick that day from work. She is a teacher also in a different district. We were talking about it at church and got 5 more people to hang out that day with us. We started the day at Dozens, my favorite breakfast place, and then went to city park. It was such a nice day. We celebrated by going to a chick flick even though there was one boy with us. After that Audra, Megan, and I cruised Federal where all the Cinco celebration was and had homemade tortillas.

It was a great day and I have decided never to work on Cinco de Mayo again.


whitney said...

i thought about you that day. i miss those parties. :(

Kristalyn said...

I'm honored to have been part of the first cinco de mayo parties. I think not working on that day is a great idea!