Friday, July 11, 2008

Golfing with Friends

It has become tradition to go golfing when school gets out with some of my work friends. I wanted to get get some practicing in before embarrassing myself so I went out with some other friends the day before. I am not very good at golf but I enjoy it.

We picked a cold day to golf. I went with my friends Jonathan, Joe, and Audra and we had a lot of laughs. Several people were almost hit with a ball.

The next day I was able to drag my sister Carol to play with us. She has never golfed before but she had a really good time. This is proof that she went.

Jeff had a good day on the course.


amy said...

Yea, keep bringing on the blogs! So glad we were able to catch up last night. How was the soccer game?

Jill said...

Cat, you are so awesome! I love all of your new pictures! Hey, check out my blog-there's a picture of you on it!!

Pilar said...
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