Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Camping with Katie Rose and Bo

Bo's friends were planning on going on a rafting trip at the beginning of June. I decided to go. I paid part of the money and waited for school to get out. About a week before we were suppose to leave I got an email from Bo saying the river was high and that they didn't want to take such a big group so they wanted people who were experienced and good swimmers. My sister had read that some people died on that part of the river because the water level was so high. Katie Rose emailed us and summed it up the best by saying "How good is good for swimming?" So we decided to go camping instead since Bo and Katie Rose got the time off. We went to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon in Utah. What a great way to start the summer! Going camping with friends I have known since high school.

We went on this great hike in Zions National Park. It had a pretty big drop off.

We made tin foil dinners both nights. Bo was in charge of the cooking and he was a master with his sticks.

I made eggs for breakfast. We eat pretty good even if we were camping.

Bo and I went to Bryce Canyon for the last night. It is so beautiful

We started having a manpri contest since there were so many Europeans around. For those of you who don't know what a manpri is I took a picture. It is capri pants on a man and they are very popular with European guys. Very rarely do you see them on American guys. Bo ended up winning with a total of 21 sightings and I had 19. Like I said there were a lot of Europeans.

This guy looked at me right when I was taking a picture.

It was a great camping trip and a great way to start off my summer.


whitney said...

that guy looks totally stoked that you're taking his picture. looks like a fun trip!

heidi said...

that camp totally looks like camp hubcapshoe! all my camping memories just flooded back to me. well, that one memory of my only time camping. but is it no coincidence that it was in bryce canyon too!

Olivia said...

Those are some really cool pictures of the canyon. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I'm a bit jealous. Camping for us will be a bit more challenging these days. Hope your doing good. I think about you all the time.