Sunday, May 18, 2008

2nd Annual Spring Recital

Its that time again, 2nd Annual Spring Recital. After hearing about a recital my sisters held with friends several years ago, I decided to host one myself. I thought it would be a good excuse to learn something new on the piano that wasn't "Baby Elephant Walk." There were about 15 people who came last year. People sang, played the piano, french horn, guitar and ukulele. We had a wide arrange of abilities and it was a lot of fun. This year was even better.The whole point of this is to learn how to play something new or challenging for whatever level you are. I know what some people have talked about pulling out their middle school band instruments:) There are only 3 rules to remember. 1-You can't come if you don't participate 2-No kazoos 3-No recorders. I have a piano but any other instrument you have to bring yourself. Dessert will be provided after.


whitney said...

oh man, i wish i could come. it looks like you had even more people come this year... cat, you are so popular. :)

amy said...

Well, it took you long enough to post again!! How was your trip? I want to hear all about it.