Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Southeast Asia Trip-Vietnam

Some of you know that my big trip this summer was to Southeast Asia. I went to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand on a tour with my sisters Carol and Connie. Connie flew home and Carol and I visited an island in Thailand and then Malaysia and Singapore. It was a pretty amazing trip. I am going to give high and lows of our trip since I have so many pictures.


These two pictures sum up Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City). Crazy amounts of people on mopeds and wires looking unsafe. Saigon is growing too fast for its own good.

We went to the Cu Chi Tunnels (and yes your pronounce it the way it looks). They are the Viet Cong tunnels that were used in the Vietnam War to fight against the Americans. They were pretty cool.

There was a lot of anti American propaganda that we had to listen to. Basically they were told that America was evil and stupid and the Viet Cong were great and incredible smart. After awhile it got old to listen too.

They had these small holes so that they could quickly hide from the American troops. It was not very big. My hips barely fit. You had to go down with your hands over your head or your shoulders wouldn't fit. The tunnel was really small and apparently there were two bats hanging out in the tunnel. I found that out after I crawled through that tunnel.

On the way back from the tunnels we kept passing these houses with German Shepherd statues on their gates. We thought this was really random and it took about 12 tries to get a picture of one.

This was the most we ever saw on one moped 6 people. They passed a law so that adults have to wear helmets but apparently kids don't have too. Crazy.

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