Monday, August 04, 2008


Cambodia Phnom Pehn

Since I teach 7th graders I always take pictures of the toilets in the countries I travel. The love that.

Fried crickets for sale

A Buddhist Temple

In 1975-1949 the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia and started a genocide that killed a little less than 1/3 of Cambodia's population. Everyone in Cambodia knows people that were killed. Our two tour guides in Cambodia both lost family in the genocide. No one has been tried for the things had happened. The current Prime Minister used to be a member of the Khmer Rouge. He tells the people that they need to bury their bad feelings and memories and move on. We toured two places, S21 (former high school turned Prison and torture camp in 1975) and a killing field. It was a pretty heavy day.

The whole time our tour guide was telling us about the genocide his eyes were moving back and forth to see who was around. He told us and the government has people listen to what the tour guides are saying about the current government and any involvement. At times he would stop in mid sentence because someone else come into the room. Freedom of speech does not exist in Cambodia.
They took pictures of everyone who was a prisoner at S21. Less than 10 people who stayed there survived.

At S21 the goal was to torture the prisoners to the brink of death and then send them to the killing fields for execution. They never used bullets because they felt like it was a waste. There were over 100 killing fields all throughout Cambodia.

Siem Reap

There were so many pictures

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