Friday, August 01, 2008

10 Year Class Reunion-I'm getting Old

In July I went to my 10 year reunion for High School. The first night we just meet at a bar to socialize. I needed up leaving Denver really late because I took a nap that lasted a couple of hours (caused by my jet lag). By the time I got there most people were pretty drunk. I had a fun weekend. It was interesting to see people I hadn't seen since graduation and to see what they are up to now. This picture is with my friend McKenzie. We have been friends since 1st grade.


Marci said...

oh Cat, I have my 10 year in about 2 weeks and can I tell you, that is so what mine is going to be like, everyone drunk. I want to go but don't, you understand what I am saying? We will see how it goes. Glad to know that others go to their 10 yr too.

stacie s said...

Hey cat! Thanks for the b-day email. Isn't it crazy that we are this old. I am glad you had fun at yours! I missed mine. so we have lots to talk about. I will give you a call soon. did you know I got a blog?

Chicky said...

Hey! This is Autumn! I was just updating emails and blogs and such and I realized that we totally failed at keeping in touch. What's your email so I can send you an invite to my family blog? And holy crap Asia looks awesome.