Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Mexico

Last week I went to New Mexico with Gabi to visit his family. It was a fun and relaxing trip. I have never been to Santa Fe so on Thursday Gabi, his sister and I went. It was pretty close to Los Alamos. I got to eat corn on the cob which always makes me happy.

On the way there we stopped by the Sand Dunes in Colorado. I have always wanted to see them. Can you say Random? Sand Dunes in Colorado.

Gabi's mom taught me how to make crab cheese wontons. I only burned myself once.

Here is Gabi getting more corn on the cob ready to cook. Did I mention how much corn on the cob makes me happy? The last night we were there we went to the new Batman movie. It was the most intense movie I have ever seen.

We did have some excitement while we were there. A black bear come out on their porch at night. Gabi's yellow lab, Louie, was outside in a kennel so we had to sneak him in. By the time we got Louie in the bear and gone to the neighbors and I was disappointed I never did get to see it.


amy said...

Your New Mexico trip sounded way fun. Thanks for putting a picture of Gabi on there! I look forward to more pictures from your trip overseas.

Stop having so much fun:-)

Erin said...

caaaaaat...who is Gabi?!