Sunday, November 25, 2007


I am in a new ward now. Well actually this was the ward I was in when I first moved to Denver but it has changed a lot. It was good timing because the day after I started at the new ward they were having their annual Maplewood Thanksgiving dinner and auction on the Monday before Thanksgiving. I bought a Nuggets ticket while I was there for the next day. A girl in my ward is a nanny for some really rich people. He has season tickets on the 10th row center for the Nuggets games. I bought one of these at the auction. I was really excited about getting to sit close at a Nuggets game because I am always up in the high balcony.
I have long said that before I die I want to be on the gaint screen of some sporting event. Well at some point during a tv timeout they asked people to get out their King Soopers discount card. I got mine out and started waving it around. All of a sudden I was on the giant screen so I got really excited and started jumping around more. The camera went off me and I still was jumping around. After about a minute I was on again and it said winner around me. I, of course, was really excited so I jumped around more. I asked my friend what I won and they said $100 gift card for King Soopers. So now I can die a happy person. I was on the big screen for about 15 seconds and even got a gift card. It was awesome.
This year at Thanksgiving there was just four of us. We had a great dinner and I eat to much and apparently drank too much kool aid. My stomach hurt so bad for the next two hours but it was worth it.
At the dinner table we noticed my Dad's shirt. Both his elbows were worn out. He told us he saves those shirts so when he has to wear his suit for a short time he can still wear them. He marks an X on them so that he knows which ones he has to keep his suit jacket on for. We all got a good laugh about that.

My Dad is retiring at the end of the year. We got recruited to help move some filing cabinets from his office to our house. Little did we know there was more he had in mind. We had to move boxes of files to a storage unit.

Carol and I did have fun with the moving dolley. The filing cabinet was a job that was a little bit too big for us. I have a big bruise on my leg to prove it. At one point one of the cabinets fell off the dolley and rolled down a hill at our house and then we dropped the big one which broke a painting in our family room.
We also went to the BYU vs Utah game. Here is my Dad and my Uncle Don dressed for the game. It was 37 degrees that day. It was a good one.
Most of you probably (or you should have) watched or listened to the game. Very exciting.
Students rushed the field. I remembered how much I loved those games, especially since we won.


Garcia's said...

Your road trips inspire me. I love hearing about them. Oh, and your dad's shirts crack me up. How fun!

sisajill said...

I love your blog Cat! You have such a fun family!

Julie said...

I'm glad you are finally coming to Maplewood! Oh, and yes, I did find your blog!

Erin said...

new post PLEASE...