Sunday, August 26, 2007

Summer Fun in Denver

Even though I was gone a lot this summer I was in town long enough to enjoy the great Denver weather.

Dave and I went to a Rockies game with his sister Ann and her boyfriend. Dave caught a foul ball. It was pretty cool. I think the Rockies won but I can't remember.

We also hiked Pikes Peak with my Dad.

My Dad didn't start hiking 14ers (14,000 feet peak) until he was 60 years old. After learning that he had Parkinsons he decided that he wanted to finish 10 14ers. Pikes Peak was number 10. This was really important to him and we were all excited to be there.

You can actually drive to the top of Pikes Peak so my mom met us up there. My dad does really well hiking up but his balance is not what it has been so going down is harder on him. This was my mom's second 14er. She drove up to Mount Evans last year with us.

I have been biking a lot this summer. A couple of my friends did the Moonlight Classic with me on August 18th. It was a midnight 15 mile bike tour through downtown Denver. It was a lot of fun. People dressed up in random customs. We decided to make this an annual event. Here is my friend Jeff from work, me, and Bo.

Carol, Lauren, and Joe

Joe had the best bike out of our group, 3 gears.

There were about 6,000 people there that night.

We all made it to the finish line without accident. We are planning on doing a 25 mile bike tour in Palisade on September 15th. I am also training for my first triathlon in Montrose on October 6th. I figure it will be a great way to celebrate my 28th birthday 2 days early. Anyone is welcome to participate. It is a 500 meter swim in a pool, 15 miles on the bike, and a 5K run.


SharTrevHarp said...

WOW you are such an active girl! I love your new posts, thanks for sharing your adventures & fun!

David Kristalyn & Family said...

I've never heard of that midnight bike race! It looks like so much fun! I'm glad to see some pictures of Dave, too. We went to a Rockies game earlier this summer...I wonder if it was the same one? :) I'm glad that you updated your blog!

whitney said...

your dad is so awesome... way to go on his 10th 14,000-footer! that bike race looks like so much fun. seeing all your pictures of denver makes me sad that we didn't find a job there. oh well, i can always visit.