Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ouray, Colorado

The first week of August my family met in Ouray for a little bit of a vacation. A family in my parents' stake offered their "cabin" for us to use. We like to call it the mansion. It is incredible.

My sister Kate surprised the family by showing up on Monday with her two boys. My brother-in-law Aaron wasn't able to get work off to join us. My nephews loved throwing things into the lake. Here is Curtis 4, Drew 3, Ian 2, and Michael 1. My newest nephew, Owen was just about 1 month old at the time. The boys had a blast playing with each other.

The four "singles" and my dad when jeeping on day. It was amazing. The San Juans are probably my favorite mountains in Colorado.

One night we were giving each other pedicures. Michael (1 years old) wanted to join in on the action and scrub his feet. He was pretty funny about it.

Our last full day Carol, Connie, Kim, Dave and I went on a hike to a waterfall. It had some amazing views of the town.

We had to take our trash with us when we left the mansion so we piled it into the car. Connie and Carol were the lucky ones who got to sit by the trash.

Last year there was an attempted to get rid of the trash at Subway. It didn't go well. This year we decided to give the KOA a try. So Kim and Connie tried to sneek the trash into the garbage bin. Kim forgot to put the car in park so it started to roll as she ran out to throw the trash away. There was a lot of giggling but we did get rid of the trash.


David Kristalyn & Family said...

What a fun trip! I'm glad that you found somewhere to put your trash! That's so fun to have so many nephews that are close to the same age!

whitney said...

man, i miss your family. and those are some cute little nephews. :) i love that you had to sneak your trash into koa's trash bin. nice.