Monday, July 16, 2007

Some Favorite Kenyan Moments

Here are some of my favorite pictures. There are a lot of pictures of kids. They love to see themselves on the digital camera. They always say "take me a picture" or "and me and me".
We are a huge distraction for the kids so usually they don't have class while we are there. Here is a sample assignment that the grade 1 students were working on.
This is Kamani. He is one of my favorite kid ever. You can see him in many of my pictures.

Can you find the Mzungu?

The front of the school with the wood/tin roof.

Naga, Kamani, and me
If you have a camera on you, the kids want a picture. We are in a classroom on the 1st floor.
Cicila Marta working hard sanding a desk.
Kids line up to have Joe draw on them. The gel pens really show up well on their skin. It was common to see kids walking around with stars on their foreheads.
Another shot of kids in front of the school.
"Give me bubbles!"
Bubbles are also very popular. Brian brought a bubble gun this year which made it easier and less messy. One kid loved it so much that he didn't even bother pulling his pants up.
My school donated a bunch of PE shirts and I took this picture for them.

So I love squeezing the cheeks of my nephews so I did it to one of the kids and took a picture. Well I heard "and me and me" so the kids got in a queue and for the next 10 minutes we took pictures. I can't help but smile everytime I look at those faces.

This is what the school looked like the day we left. Notice the power line that is now in this part of the slum.
We played a game in Kenya called Pee. It was pretty simple. When you saw someone peeing you just say pee. You'd be surprised how many times it happens. Every once in awhile someone who offer points for other random things. Chevy offered 20 points if Joe would get out of the van and just bust it. So he did. It was really funny because the Kenyans would stop what they were doing and start laughing at the Mzungu (white person) dancing.

Danger "Amy" with Veronica
This is Marcy and Kevin on the outside (brother and sister) and Kamani on my lap.

The Hairy Ape Song

Naga was a pretty shy kid but he would come alive during the Hairy Ape song.

Every year we sing songs with the kids. This year Judy and Joe introduced the Hairy Ape song to the kids. They loved it. We used the balcony on the second level as a stage. The kids would get really into it.

I recorded the Hairy Ape Song on my camera when we were at Issac's school. It was the first time these kids ever heard the song so they weren't dancing with us. If you listen carefully you can hear the cutest little giggle ever.

Who is the Liar?

So one of our favorite songs this year that the kids sang for us was "Who is the Liar?" We don't understand all the words except "Who is the liar? The Devil is a liar . . . (words we don't understand) and throwh him in the fire".

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