Monday, July 16, 2007

Interested in Sponsoring a Child?

Many people have asked me how they can help. By no means do I want people to feel obligated to sponsor but here is the information if you are interested. To sponsor a child for a year at Vessel of Hope costs $120.00. This buys the child a school uniform/shoes (once a year), school supplies, and lunch everyday. More than half of the students at Vessel of Hope do not pay any money to be there. This effects a lot of things. Unfortunately this means that these children rarely eat lunch and are often seen wearing torn clothing and shoes that don't fit. Often teachers, who have families of their own, are not being paid so that these students can stay in school. There are also lots of students who just want a chance to be in school that live in the area. I took pictures of some of the unsponsored students. I've included their names and what grade they are in. Some of these kids are in school but some aren't yet. If you are interested or just have questions, you can email me. If you want to sponsor someone, include the name of the child and I will put you in contact with Grace Omingo who started Vessel of Hope.

Sorry the names are so small but if you put the mouse over the names they get bigger.


f*bomb. said...

As I look at these names, I search for faces I might recognize. They are so much older now, but thoughout some of these pictures, there are still smiles I remember.
Thank you, Cat.

Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

cat, it was so awesome to see what you do over in Kenya. You can tell that those kids love having you guys over there. That is so great that they have a school now. How long were you there for?

thanks for sharing your experiences!!